Predict the Basketball Finals and Win!

As the national basketball Playoffs approach the final round and your favorite team vies for victory, you also have a chance to win big with them here on If you think you know which team will win the title, and which will, sadly, be going home without, head over to our predication page and vote for a chance to win 50.00 CashCoins!

Will California's golden team make a repeat of last year's victory over Cleveland? Perhaps it will be Boston, the team with the most Playoff wins out of those remaining, who faces off against California this time. Though the final four teams breezed through the semifinals nearly undefeated, let's not forget that with games like Cleveland's 113-112 near loss to Toronto, anything can still happen.

Two more rounds to go, who you do think will be the last team standing? Let us know and if you're right, you could win 50.00 CashCoins! Voting closes after the conference finals have concluded. 

Please note that casting a vote will cost 1.00 CashCoin. To enter simply click here or on the tab “Win” then “Predict the Outcome” at the top of this page. The winner will be drawn at random from all those with the correct prediction, and announced on our Facebook page after the Finals have concluded.

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Good luck! Let's play some basketball!

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