What on Earth?


“The Earth and its ecosystems are our home” - a phrase that, as time passes us, continues to grow in relevance – but, unfortunately not in acknowledgement and precaution. To a certain extent, it´s quite understandable when you consider the conditions we have had to accustom to, living in a technology-driven age with almost every aspect of the average persons life being completely dependent on some form of technology. It can almost be argued that our reliance on technology is through no fault of our own, but simply just a consequence of the fact that the world is consistently advancing at a frightening speed. However, even if we aren´t solely to blame for the current conditions of the environment, we can definitely reduce the damage that has already been caused to our delicate and precious planet. This change can be made with individuals like YOU making the slightest alterations to your life choices and habits – start by setting an example today!

To those who may not be in the know, Earth Day falls on this forthcoming Sunday for the 48th time since its initiation in 1970. The idea got sparked into a movement as an immediate response to the horrific oil spill that transpired in Santa Barbara during the winter of 1969 that resulted in the killing of several thousands of sea animals such as dolphins and seals. This subsequently led to immediate action being taken by The US´ Senator Nelson, who managed to persuade over 20 million concerned individuals across the States to begin a demonstration for environmental protection – the rest, as they say, is history. By the time the early 90´s approached, Earth Day had rapidly become a an annual practice that was being observed all across the globe as an environmentally-conscious holiday, and it´s our job to carry on where the last generation left off. You can take the first steps to making sure you do your part in preserving the world we live by simply reducing your own personal carbon footprint (a term that is defined as the carbon dioxide emitted by each individual or organisation) – and what´s the most effective way of achieving this I hear you ask?... By monitoring your form of transport! Studies show that cities who shift reliance from cars to bikes can see a reduction of emissions from transport by up to 40 percent! Our good friends at Nashbar (+0.50% CashCoins) clearly share our views of reducing the carbon footprint, hence why they are currently offering Uncle Sam´s Savings of up to a staggering 85% off bikes & bike accessories! With deals like these available at your disposal, it really will put to the test of how dedicated to the cause you actually are!

Despite the fact that our own contributions to maintaining our planet´s condition cannot ever be undermined, there is a more effective method to ensuring our children grow up in an ecosystem that won´t be harmful to them... By teaching them the importance of protecting it! As our hope tomorrow, it cannot be stressed enough that they are develop consciousness of how their actions will ultimately impact the planet they will grow up to live in. As earlier stated, we live in a digital and virtual-dominated generation; and it is arguable that our hope of tomorrow are also the ones most negatively affected by this. The hard truth is, sadly, in a time where kids are seen glued to their iPads and other electronics, the attempt of occupying them with outdoor related activities may be more of a difficult task than it was for your parents during your early years of life. But fear not, with the assistance of Dollartree (+2.50% CashCoins), who clearly identify this ever-growing concern, you can get your hands on a wide selection of summer toys for a measly $1 each! And with summer fast-approaching, there has never been a better time to make a very small investment that may do more than pay dividends for your offspring´s mindset and habits growing up! And you can take the lead and set an example to the young ones by getting active yourself; which can be done with Banggood´s (up to +6.00% CashCoins) and their dedicated Earth Day Sale! With up to 70% off tons of Earth Day related goods, many of which are home and gardening appliances – what more fulfilling and economic way is there to celebrate the earth than to partake in some good old-fashioned planting? Besides, nothing tastes as good and rewarding as a fruit or vegetable that you have planted yourself, you will be able to categorically say “I grew this and it tastes delicious!”

Well, that pretty much is that! And contrary to popular belief, one man clearly will not be able to change the world. However, with each of us coming together to put in the smallest amount of effort, acknowledgement and practice into a holiday that is already observed by over a billion people across 193 countries around the world – we can certainly take some giant steps! By simply turning off your PlayStation or laptop and throwing on some sports gear and partaking in a fitness-related activity, which we can ALSO provide assistance with in the form of the stylish Caliroots (+5.00% CashCoins) and their 30% Mid-Season Sale on all sneakers, which will not only be impacting the environment for the better, but you´ll also be improving your physical shape, a win-win! Besides, the feeling of preserving the vibrancy, fresh air and natural beauty, all of which makes the Earth so unique, should provide you with a sense of self-fulfilment incomparable to any other. Besides, we all carry the duty to stand our planet in good stead for the people of tomorrow – so they too can experience the simple pleasures of playing ball in the park or embracing a sunset with stunning scenery; and the rest of nature´s endless gifts that we were lucky enough to be able to bask in ourselves. Happy Earth Day!

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I have always believed that we should be getting rid of plastic bags.
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