Top 7 Tips for the Perfect BBQ Party

We all love a good BBQ when the sunny weather finally hits. Here are 7 tips to impress your manliest of friends and your finest girlfriends. 

1)Ambiance music

The worst part about get-togethers is figuring out how to fill in those awkward spaces in conversations when you talk to people. A way that you can help your guests feel the mood of your BBQ, and also have some rhythm and an excuse to stop mingling is a killer playlist. Don't think that you can out on an Apple Music or Spotify playlist called "BBQ with friends" and leave it at that. A playlist needs to be planned in advance. You need some up beat background music in the beginning to get people feeling positive and good, then in the middle maybe play a couple of popular songs to have your guests in a surrounding that is familiar and safe. Next you need drinking music so that people, when they feel like it, might even get up and dance and then again something slow and not too heavy when the party is about to come to an end and couples are made,people are engaging in really deep conversations and you are ready to call it a night.

2) Be organized

You want your side dishes, your pasta salad, mini sandwiches, cheese plates etc. set up beforehand so all you need to focus on on BBQ day is making the most succulent BBQ possible. BBQ takes time so people need to snack a little bit while they wait. Get creative with it and definitely set all of that up at least a day before the event.

3) Buy good charcoal

When you go to cook your food, buying just any bag of charcoal isn't going to do it if you want to impress. Jamie Oliver (the chef, tv personality and writer) suggests that you go with lumpwood charcoal and if you can, mix that in with a bit of wood chips. You will have a smokey, rich and delicious taste to all of your meats and/or fish. The charcoal quality is key between a good BBQ and an amazing one.

4) Start before everyone arrives

Get the fire going before the first guests arrive and have your utensils at hand. Be the grill man is like suddenly being out on an island. You need all your survival materials with you at all times because one you start cooking, you won't really be able to leave.

5) Take your time

When you are finally cooking, don't be afraid to take your time. The best grill men are concentrated and dedicated to the grill and to the pleasure of the guests. Know that your sacrifice will not go unnoticed.

6) Get the technique right

The best technique when you finally have the grill consistently hot is to keep one side with concentrated heat and one side a bit cooler, that way you an guard against overcooking and potentially burning your food. Also, it might be good to separate the grilled veggies on the grill from the rest of the meat if you happen to have vegetarian or vegan friends. They will certainly appreciate the gesture and it makes a great companion to the main meal anyway. Make sure not to sauce veggies, just let them cook clean. On the other hand...sauce meats and fish often.

7) Let the meat sit

Don't give people the meat straight off the BBQ. The best meats are eaten after they had a handle to cool off a little bit and get that sauce and seasoning good and absorbed.

Follow these 7 tips and you will have a magnificent barbecue party that everyone will beg you to repeat.

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By Lesley Arnold on 10-01-2018 at 00:17:09
Enjoy the foods you love
By LaShan Wright on 25-10-2017 at 20:18:45
These 7 tips and one most important one of all, always cook with love.
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