Cashback of the Day and Double Cashback

Hello Cashbackers! Every week, our team gives you tips to win CashCoins and save on your online purchases. This week we are going to tell you all about the Cashback Doubled and Cashback of the Day, how to use it and enjoy it to the fullest!


Cashback of the Day and Double Cashback: What is it?

The Doubled Cashback and the Cashback of the Day are two incredible tools we have created for you. Every day, we choose two shops for which we will increase the Cashback given to you. For example, for Doubled Cashback we double the number of CashCoins you receive while CashCoins are multiplied by 1.5 for the daily Cashback.


How to take advantage of these deals?

On the right side of the home page, you will discover the "Cashback of the day" and "Double Cashback" sections. Every morning, two of your favorite shops will be voted Cashback of the Day and Cashback Doubled. Just click on the store you're interested in and you'll get Cashback up automatically. It's that simple!


Don’t miss any offers! Log-in and enjoy cashback increases every day.

As a thanks for reading our weekly blogs, we have a little surprise for you today. Exceptionally, we unveil in advance the Double Cashback Doubled and Cashback of the day for the next 7 days.


  Cashback of the day (x1.5) Double Cashback (x2)     
Nov. 07  CVS  Samsung
Nov. 08  Razer  Dollar Tree
Nov. 09  Best Rest  Body FX
Nov. 10  ChicOkay  Cable Organizer
Nov. 11  StrawberryNet  Rover
Nov. 12  Ecotric  Ancestry
Nov. 13  SheHug  Lenovo


Want one of stores to appear in our Cashback of the Day or Double Cashback section? Leave it in the comments and keep an eye out for it!



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Dollar Tree 2,50% CashCoins

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree: everything is a dollar

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Cable Organizer 1,50% CashCoins

Cable Organizer

Cable Organizer: Cables and more!

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Up To 7.50 CashCoins
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