6-steps to get healthy and earn CashCoins doing it!
Step 1: Know where you stand

Setting goals is important, but it’s even more important that they stay maintainable so you don’t get discouraged. Before aiming for the moon, get an idea of your overall health with FitBit (5.00% CashCoins). This bracelet tracks your steps, food, activity, weight, and sleep to get a better overall picture of your health. From bluetooth tracking bracelets to a scale that measures your weight, body fat percentage & BMI, you can measure your daily improvement in a single step.

Step 2: Get the right gear

Be careful! You don’t want to get injured and spend the holidays in bed. The Australian government recommends you wear appropriate sporting gear and make sure that your sporting equipment (including shoes) is well maintained. We’re going a step further and recommending you to get gear tailored to your fitness level.

Just starting out?

Don’t spend everything you have on fancy gear, get the basics. New Balance (2.50% CashCoins) has amazing deals on everything you need to get started. With general and tailored gear, you can find something that fits you and safe for exercising!

Already active?

Improve your performance with Under Armour (2.50% CashCoins). Their gear is engineered to keep you cool, dry and light during your workout. Their passion for design and their relentless pursuit of innovation will make you train and look amazing.

Step 3: Exercise

You know where you are, and you know where you want to be. Now, what’s the best way to get there? There’s more than just the gym, you can sign-up for courses and get the benefit of being surrounded by peers with the same goals as you.

Looking to become more flexible?

First comes the more obvious ones: yoga, gymnastics and figure skating. Some not-so-commonly known sports for improving flexibility are: wrestling, martial arts and tennis.

Looking to improve cardio?

Again, we have our go-to ones: jogging, cycling and any running sports you can think of. At any point, did you think about swimming or dancing? Be honest now. While we’re being honest, I have the swimming skills of a hamster. Let me tell you, when I get out of the pool, my heart is pounding!

Looking to improve strength?

Usually, people think that the only way to get stronger is to hit the gym. That’s not all there is though. Rock climbing will make you ache in places you didn’t even know you could hurt, and parkour (free-running) will keep your mind focused on the environment that you won’t notice your body getting sore.

Step 4: Eat the right things

There is not shortcut. Repeat after me: There. Is. No. Shortcut. I know it’s hard, but it play a huge part in getting healthy. Don’t ruin your workout by getting an unhealthy snack because “you deserve it”. It’s a lot easier to take-in calories than it is to burn them - a single donut takes 30 minutes to burn in the gym.

If you absolutely need a snack after the gym, make sure to get your DNA tested with 23andMe (up to 5.00 CashCoins). Their test will provide you with a list of foods to avoid tailored to your body so that you can snack snack (reasonably) without affecting (too much) your hard work.

Step 5: Take it further

Are you ready to fully commit? Start looking for supplements to complement your exercise routine. We recommend going to GNC (2.50% CashCoins) for all your needs - vitamins, fitness or anything else, really. They sets the standard in the nutritional supplement industry by providing truthful information on labeling, ingredient safety and product potency.

Step 6: Take some time to rest & recover.

Your body isn’t indestructible and it needs some time off. While many will tell you to go to the gym every day, studies show that your body needs a break. This “resting” period is just as important as the exercise itself: it will help prevent injuries, improve your sleep quality and allow your muscles to build.

Whether you want to stay-in and watch a movie, or go out for a massage (you can always look on Groupon (5.00% CashCoins) for some great deals near you), take it easy! … Just not so easy that you keep putting it off and never go back again    
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