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With the Winter Games commencing on February 9th and the anticipation reaching its ultimate climax amongst fans and viewers alike, there are some must-know facts to ensure that you are fully briefed in on the joyous events that are nearly upon us!

By the pure nature of the games and the manner in which many of the sports tend to be winter and snow related, it´s really no surprise that the Norwegians lead the all-time charts for most medals collected since the birth of the Winter Games, boasting an impressive grand-total of 329 medals, 118 of those being gold! However, last time around it was Russia who set the pace, taking 29 medals back home – 11 of which were gold.

However, be cautious as these figures do not by any means conclude that another team will not take home the prestigous title of being the most decorated nation at PyeongChang this year, with the Germans also expected to put in a very strong performance, as well as the United States. Team USA are continously ever-growing on their impact in the Winter Games, and in fact, only fell one short of Russia´s leading total of 29 medals 2014, finishing with a very respectable 28 – acquiring 9 gold medals along the way!

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